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SCEEMP. Bank documents Official Site.

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Bank documents Official Site Federal State Institution «Scientific Centre of Medical Products» Health Ministry of Russia. (hereinafter referred to as the «Site») is in the public domain orders, regulations and other documents, analyzes, statistical and background information, letters, standards, regulations and other materials Ministry of Health of its subordinate organizations, as well as relating to the scope of the Ministry of Health regulations and administrative documents, signed by the President of Russia, decisions and orders of the Government of the Russian Federation, joint orders agencies. Publication of legal and other documents at the Website is for informational purposes only and does not give rise to legal consequences.

On the first page of the site a list of recent documents placed displayed by date in descending order acceptance date displayed next to the name of the document scope and key theme to which it is assigned. Each document is presented in text format - with your browser and / or files to download. To print materials recommend using print version.

To find a document, use the search form, a link to which is placed in the page header.

Published online in 18/11/2011.

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