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Releases for 2017 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2017-03

Vol.17, No.4

  • Comparative analysis of whole-cell and cellular pertussis vaccines efficacy in preventing pertussis
  • Cyclamen europaeum (Cyclamen purpurascens) extract as adjuvant for nasal immunisation of mice with influenza antigens

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2017-03

Vol.17, No.3

  • Design of preclinical studies of biomedical cell products: characteristics, key principles and requirements
  • Development and validation of a method for determination of Eculizumab concentration in human plasma by biolayer interferometry

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2017-01(61)

Vol.17, No.2

  • Comparison of efficacy of Diaskintest®, a skin test with a recombinant tuberculosis allergen, used for 10 years and Mantoux tuberculin sensitivity test used for 110 years
  • Analysis of biological and genetic stability of tick-borne encephalitis strain 205 used in the production of tick-borne encephalitis vaccines EnceVir and EnceVir Neo for children

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2017-01(61)

Vol.17, No.1 (61)

  • Specific features of determining the specific activity of biotechnological drugs
  • The effect of recombinant interferon alpha-2b on the relative content of CD56bright-populations of natural killers in peripheral blood of pregnant women with urogenital infections

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2016 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2016-04(60)

№ 4 (60)

  • First available biosimilar monoclonal antibodies
  • The study of cross-reactivity of therapeutic drugs based on monoclonal antibodies on human tissues: basic approaches and methodological techniques
  • Detection of residual E. noli and CHO host-cell DNA in recombinant proteins by qPCR

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2016-03(59)

№ 3 (59)

  • Genotyping problems of microorganisms
  • Theoretical rationale for the choice of interferon substance to be certified as a reference standard for indetification test by peptide mapping
  • Development and certification of an industrial reference standerd for determination of filgrastim activity

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2016-02(58)

№ 2 (58)

  • Modern biological / biotechnological drugs.
    Topical issues of development and prospects

  • Preparation OprF-aTox recombinant fusion protein having a protective properties Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2016-01(57)

№ 1 (57)

  • Meningococcal disease. Meningococcal conjugate polysaccharide vaccines and new generation vaccines. Report 3
  • Safety of biological preparations. Report 1. Terminology and classification issues

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2015 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2015-04(56)

№ 4 (56)

  • The analysis of a long-term experience of studying inactivated cell-culture vaccines for preventing tick-borne encephalitis of domestic and foreign manufacture in terms of specific activity (immunogenicity)
  • Scientific and methodical development of biotechnological production of immunobiological preparations for instant diagnosis of infectious diseases and detection of pathogens
  • Development of continuous cultivation of CHO cells producing recombinant blood coagulation factor VIII

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2015-03(55)

№ 3 (55)

  • Orphan drugs and the principles of their marketing authorization procedures and clinical use
  • Blood preparations of humans and animals in terms of their quality, efficacy and safety
  • Development and study of the industrial reference standard for rubella vaccine activity

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2015-02(54)

№ 2 (54)

  • Tuberculosis preventive vaccination
  • The main technological processes used in the production of biomedical cell products
  • Dynamic light scattering – a simple and sensitive method to detect the emergence of immune complexes in biological fluids

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2015-01(53)

№ 1 (53)

  • Bioanalogovye (biosimilar) drugs recombinant granulocyte-colony stimulating factor Quality assessment.
  • Promising methodological approaches to the study of preclinical biomedical cell products and possible indicators of quality
  • Validation of XTT Test for evaluation of the antiproliferative activity of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2014 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2014-04(52)

№ 4 (52)

  • The effectiveness of immunization pertussis combination vaccines containing whole-cell or acellular pertussis vaccine
  • Problems with registration of non-original biological medicines
  • The experience of creating industrial lines for the production of cellular products insulator technology

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2014-03(51)

№ 3 (51)

  • Meningococcal disease. Modern ideas about the pathogen, epidemiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis
  • The phenomenon of imprinting in antigenic epidemic, communicable and vaccine-related processes
  • Certification of a new series of industry-standard sample activity of live measles vaccine

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2014-02(50)

№ 2 (50)

  • Recombinant-derived neurotrophic factor brain: a panacea for the brain?
  • Pneumococcal infections: current status and the incidence of vaccine prevention
  • Certification industry standard sample activity of leukocyte interferon alpha type

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2014-01(49)

№ 1 (49)

  • Biotechnological aspects of an effective and safe treatment plasma donation: Problems and Prospects
  • Experimental substantiation of the possibility of obtaining a concentrate of microbial cells of strain Yersinia pestis ЕV by microfiltration
  • The emergence of a new pediatric problem - not HIV-infected children born to HIV-positive mothers who received antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2013 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2013-04(48)

№ 4 (48)

  • Therapeutic and prophylactic drugs bacteriophages: a brief overview of the production and use of
  • Certification of a new series of industry-standard sample of yellow fever vaccine for the control of specific activity
  • Development of test kit for the determination of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis antigens in reaction koagglyutinatsii and its experimental evaluation

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2013-03(47)

№ 3 (47)

  • Recombinant erythropoietin preparation and characterization
  • Comparative study of influenza virus strains for the preparation of vaccines and diagnostic products epidemic season 2012 – 2013 years
  • Preclinical studies of a new five-component vaccines AKDS-GEP V+HIB

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2013-02(46)

№ 2 (46)

  • Preparations for specific prevention of smallpox, registered in the Russian Federation
  • Problems of assessing the authenticity and the specific activity of preparations of allergens
  • Development of a method for estimating «the authenticity» of the meningococcal vaccine group A polysaccharide by ELISA
  • Identification of genetic and serological markers Parvovirus B19 in production pools of plasma for fractionation
  • XYIII International Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and immunorehabilitation

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2013-01(45)

№ 1 (45)

  • Lev Alexanderovich Tarasevich (the 145 th anniversary of the birth)
  • Features of studying bacterial vaccine immunogenicity in clinical trials
  • Pneumococcal vaccines, especially pre-clinical study and clinical trials
  • The use of allergens to study tuberculous antigens virulence strains Mycobacterium bovis
  • Monoclonal antibodies for use in clinical practice

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2012 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2012-01(44)

№ 1 (44)

  • The current state of the examination of immunobiological drugs in the Russian Federation
  • General principles of quality assessment and registration reproduced biologicals based on proteins obtained by genetic engineering techniques, in accordance with the laws of developed countries
  • Complications after vaccination against tuberculosis in children
  • Tuberculosis in children and adolescents
  • Analysis of post-adverse reactions in vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis vaccine EntseVir in tick-borne encephalitis epidemic season 2010-2011

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2011 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2011-03(43)

№ 3 (43)

Adieu, GISK...: In August 2011, excluded from the Companies House a unique scientific institution – the State Research Institute of Standardization and Control of Medical Biological Preparations behalf LA Tarasevich (GISK), a 20-year survivor of the country created it.
Gene therapy vector systems based viruses: The main object during the examination the possibility of medical use of genetic constructs based on viruses that are intended for introduction of genes into the human genome, are obtained by biotechnology structures that mimic the behavior in the human viral particles but does not cause infection. They include: viral proteins that form the shell particles capable of recognition of target cells and internalization into the cytoplasm; and the transgene-expression cassette, after carrying out prolonged delivery cell expression of one or more genes.

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2010-02(42)

№ 2 (42)

Mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics in bacteria: The ubiquity of both phenomena – the ability of individual organisms to synthesize antibiotics, and others – have a resistance to them, due to the fact that antibiotics at concentrations found in natural ecosystems, play the role of intracellular signaling molecules that regulate gene transcription.
Drugs based on genetic engineering of monoclonal antibodies: The article provides information about registered in the Russian Federation medicines based on genetic engineering MCAT that have been successfully used in clinical practice in the treatment of patients with cancer, autoimmune, allergic, infectious diseases and transplantation to prevent rejection reactions. The use of highly effective drugs, created on the basis of genetic engineering MCAT, is one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of immunotherapy.

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2011-01(41)

№ 1 (41)

10 years of the journal «BIOpreparation. PREVENTION•DIAGNOSIS•TREATMENT»: We wish the magazine many years of existence. He is the only periodical in Russia, specifically dealing with biological agents. The magazine is in great demand and success for all those involved in the production of biological products, their test, control and use.
Development and standardization of a method for quantitative determination of the vaccine virus antigen in the vaccine encephalitis: For the quantitative determination of vaccine antigen in the vaccine tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), the company NPO «Virion» (branch «NPO» Microgen») developed a standard sample of enterprises (SOP) vaccine antigen TBE virus. SOP is certified in accordance with the requirements of standardization, and calibrated on the content of the protective protein E. The fundamental possibility of determining the content of the vaccine antigen in the vaccine EC on the example of several vaccine lots «Entsevir».

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2010 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2010-04(40)

№ 4 (40)

Methodological approaches to the determination of the sensitivity of amplification kits and forecasting the expected concentration of the pathogen in a bioassay based on the results of PCR: Methodological approaches to the determination of the sensitivity of amplification kits and forecasting the expected concentration of the pathogen in a bioassay based on the results of PCR
The requirements for the production and control drugs based on monoclonal antibodies used to trea.t One of the most promising modern and rapidly developing areas of immunotherapy is to use drugs that are based on genetically engineered mAbs. The article provides an overview of genetically engineered drugs based on MAb registered in the Russian Federation, used for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune, infectious and allergic diseases. The requirements for production, quality control of the active substance and the finished dosage forms of drugs MAb, as well as requirements for the product during the development and pre-clinical trials of the drug.

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2010-03(39)

№ 3 (39)

Characteristics of the combined vaccine against hepatitis A and B with polioksidoniem (GEPOL A + B) based on the results of clinical trials. Some characteristics of the vaccine against hepatitis A. Epidemiological and immunological effectiveness of vaccination of hepatitis B in the Perm region. The effectiveness of the national project rubella vaccine prevention. Postmarketing evaluation of domestic and foreign vaccines to prevent measles, mumps and rubella. The intermediate results of a clinical study of a vaccine against rubella.

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2010-02(38)

№ 2 (38)

Time mass vaccination against hepatitis A: Hepatitis A – is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world, preventable by vaccination. Over the past decade has increased the number of countries with low endemicity, ie countries where an increasing number of adolescents and adults have a risk of developing severe disease at a meeting with the hepatitis A virus, if they are not vaccinated.
The use of vaccines during pregnancy: Immunization protects pregnant women from diseases preventable by vaccination, with subsequent transfer of the acquired antibodies to the newborn. Passively acquired antibodies from the mother are able to protect the child from diseases in the first months of life.

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2010-01(37)

№ 1 (37)

Vaccines for the prevention of chickenpox: The article analyzes the incidence of chickenpox at the present stage of development of this system for the prevention of infection in the world. Stated that Russia does not currently domestic varicella vaccine.
Correction of immunity after vaccination: Shown factors affecting the intensity of the immune response in humans to the administration of vaccines. The data on the significant variations in the level of antibodies in vaccinated the same vaccine from very high titers of antibodies to their complete absence.

Materials of Issue
Releases for 2009 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2003-03-04(35-36)

№ 3 - 4 (35 - 36)

  • Vaccinal (achievements, problems and prospects, issues of legislation and ethics)
  • Results of clinical trials of a vaccine against hepatitis A and B «GEPOL A+B»
  • State Collection of pathogens III – IV pathogenicity groups FSIS GISCO behalf LA Tarasevich: history, current problems and prospects
  • Results from clinical trials of the vaccine «GRIPPOL NEO» (safety and reactogenicity)
  • Evaluation of a new ELISA test systems «Rotavirus antigen-ELISA-BEST»

Materials of Issue
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2009-01-02(33-34)

№ 1-2 (33-34)

  • Protective activity of genetically engineered konstvuktsy carrying the gene NS1 protein of the virus encephalitis
  • Rotavirus vaccine
  • Immunomodulatory properties of germanium organic compound 1-gidroksigermatranil citrate
  • New diagnostic allergen from pollen Canadian goldenrod
  • Immunization safety risks associated with the vaccine
  • Identification «of street» rabies virus from bioassay brain child of the deceased

Materials of Issue

Releases for 2008 year
Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2008-04(32)

№ 4 (32)

  • Differences in the set of pathogenicity genes and production of enterococci isolated from bolnyhshtammov
  • Differentiation of the vaccine strain L-3 from other strains of mumps virus by RT-PCR
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of a comprehensive Roncoleukin preoperative patients with progressive fibro-cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Roncoleukin in complex mode of therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis
  • The use of biocompatible sorbents for constructing immobilized probiotics

Materials of Issue

Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2008-03(31)

№ 3 (31)

  • 100 years since the birth of Andrei Dmitrievich Ado
  • Immunization of acute respiratory infections in children with allerniey
  • Vaccinations and allergy
  • Granular therapeutic form alleregena of mites of the genus Dermatophagoides
  • Bacterial allergovaktsiny. Historical aspects and modern problems
  • Asthma and infection

Materials of Issue

Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2008-02(30)

№ 2 (30)

  • Prevention of tick-borne encephalitis after a tick bite in endemchnyh tick-borne encephalitis regions: current approaches to post-exposure prophylaxis
  • Immunoglobulin from donated human blood for treatment and prevention of tick-borne encephalitis
  • Effectiveness of the program of mass immunization encephalitis
  • Evaluation of a new PCR test systems «AmpliSens Rotavirus / Norovirus-FEP» with hybridization-fluorescence «detection endpoint»

Materials of Issue

Issue cover «BIOpreparation» 2008-01(29)

№ 1 (29)

  • Using the bacterial Ames test system to determine the mutagenic activity and dismutagennoy extract the contents of the intestine
  • Methods of studying the antagonistic activity of bifidobacteria against mycobacteria and actinomycetes nokardioformnym
  • Correction experimental dysbiosis caused ampioks, probiotics
  • Efficacy and safety of Kipferon (suppositories) in the treatment of infectious diseases

Materials of Issue



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