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JOURNAL «Safety and Risk of Pharmacotherapy». PREAMBLE.

About the journal

The research and practical journal «Safety and Risk of Pharmacotherapy» – is designed for a wide range of doctors, scientists, employees of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory bodies.

It is published 4 times a year in Russian and distributed on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

The journal was established on July17, 2013, in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation «On Mass Media» of 27.12.1991.

Mass media registration certificate: ПИ № ФС77-55538 of July 17, 2013

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2312-7821

Included in the scientometric base Science Index Data

Five-year RSCI impact factor (excluding self-citation) – 0,205 (11.08.2017)


The journal is a specialized publication covering modern safety problems and risks of pharmacotherapy, as well as related issues.


The main areas of editorial policy are:

  • questions pharmacovigilance system of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • reviews and original articles on the issues of drug safety for medical use;
  • recommendations of foreign regulators regarding risk management pharmacotherapy.





To subscribe by the catalogue «Newspapers and Journals» of the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation («Rospechat»).


You can subscribe starting from any issue of the journal using the following regional subscription agencies:

«Ural-Press» (www.ural-press.ru)

«Informnauka» (www.informnauka.ru)

The union catalogue «Press of Russia» (www.pressa-rf.ru)




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