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JOURNAL «SRP». Citations and references

Citations given in articles should be double checked and accompanied by the author’s signature in the margin. A footnote should include a reference to the source (name, edition, year, volume or part, and page).


In-text bibliographic references should be provided in the form of numbers in square brackets and should be arranged in the order of citation. When citing literary sources, one should refer to Russian as well as to foreign scientific papers. False citations should be avoided. The editorial staff reserves the right to check the references for compliance with the information being cited. If an article is revealed to contain false citations, it will not be published.


Correct description of literary sources in the references section is a prerequisite for a cited source to be included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and international citation bases which evaluate scientific accomplishments of authors and the organizations that they work for.


References to the articles that have been accepted for publication but have not been published yet should include the statement: «in print». Moreover, authors should obtain a permission to refer to such articles and a confirmation that they have been indeed accepted for publication. The information taken from the papers that have been submitted but have not been accepted for publication yet should be referred to in the text as «unpublished observations» (it is obligatory to obtain an agreement from the author).


All the papers cited in the references section should be presented in the order of citation.


Reference lists should be compiled according to the «Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals» devised by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. These rules are followed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), USA; https://www.nlm.nih.gov).


The bibliographic description of a book should look as follows: author(s), dot, book title, dot, city (place of publication), colon, publisher name, semicolon, year of publication. The template for referencing a chapter of a book is as follows: author(s); chapter name; after a dot comes «In:» and the author’s (authors’) or editor’s (editors’) family name(s), then the book title and imprint.


The reference to an article is formed of the following: author(s), dot, article name, dot, journal name, year, semicolon; edition volume number, journal number in brackets, colon, and numbers of the first and last pages.


Titles of Russian journals should not be abbreviated. Except for the journals whose names are fixed in Index Medicus (http://www.nlm.nih.gov) and other similar sources.


If there are 6 or fewer authors, all of them are mentioned, if there are more than 6 authors, only the first 6 are mentioned and are followed by et al. If editors are regarded as book authors, their family names should be followed by eds. (or ed. if there is only one editor). Authors’ names are printed in plain font.


In order to observe the requirements of such international indexing systems as Web of science and Scopus, the references section should be included into the English part of the article and, therefore, should be not only in the source language, but also in the Latin alphabet. Thus, the references list should have two versions: one in the source language (Russian sources in the Cyrillic alphabet, English ones – in the Latin alphabet), as was done before; and the other (containing the same items and repeating all the sources, irrespective of whether there are foreign ones among them) in the Latin alphabet for Scopus and other international databases. If there are references to foreign publications, they are repeated in the list provided in Latin alphabet.


Family names of referenced authors (if they are not transliterated) should be transliterated according to the BGN system (Board on Geographic Names), see http://www.translit.net.


The English translation of an abstract title should not have any transliterations from the source language, except for untranslatable proper names, names of equipment and other objects that possess proper names; nor should it include untranslatable professional slang that is used by native specialists only.


Romanised references to original sources should have the following structure: author(s) (transliteration), translation of the title of a book or an article, source name (transliteration), digital format imprint, original language in parentheses (in Russian).


Some examples of references to literary sources in original languages and its transliterations, as well as of those for the English part of the article are provided below (as follows from the recommendations for authors, adopted by the journal «Healthcare system of the Russian Federation«).


Examples of non-romanised references to various literary sources:


Journal articles:


Веркина ЛМ, Телесманич НР, Мишин ДВ, Ботиков АГ, Ломов ЮМ, Дерябин ПГ и др. Конструирование полимерного препарата для серологической диагностики гепатита С. Вопросы вирусологии 2012; (1): 45–8.


Чучалин АГ. Грипп: уроки пандемии (клинические аспекты). Пульмонология 2010; Прил. 1: 3–8.


Glauser TA. Integrating clinical trial data into clinical practice. Neurology 2002; 58(12, Suppl. 7): S6–12.


McInnes D, Bollen J. Learning on the job: metaphors of choreography and the practice of sex in sex-on-premises venues. Venereology 2000; 13(1): 27–36.


Aiuti A, Cattaneo F, Galimberti S, Benninghoff U, Cassani B, Callegaro L et al. Gene therapy for immunodeficiency due to adenosine deaminas deficiency. N Engl J Med. 2009; 360(5): 447–58.




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Радзинский ВЕ, ред. Перинеология: Учебное пособие. М.: РУДН; 2008.


Michelson AD, ed. Platelets. 2nd ed. San Diego: Elsevier Academic Press; 2007.


Mestecky J, Lamm ME, Strober W, eds. Mucosal immunology. 3rd ed. New York: Academic Press; 2005.


Book chapters:


Иванова АЕ. Тенденции и причины смерти населения России. В кн.: Осипов ВГ, Рыбаковский ЛЛ, ред. Демографическое развитие России в XXI веке. М.: Экон-Информ; 2009. С. 110–31.


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Conference papers:


Актуальные вопросы гематологии и трансфузиологии: Материалы научно-практической конференции. 8 июля 2009 г. Санкт-Петербург. СПб; 2009.


Салов ИА, Маринушкин ДН. Акушерская тактика при внутриутробной гибели плода. В кн.: Материалы IV Российского форума «Мать и дитя». М.; 2000; ч. 1. С. 516–9.


European meeting on hypertension. Milan, June 15–19, 2007. Milan; 2007.


Harnden P, Joffe JK, Jones WG, eds. Germ cell tumours V: Proceedings of the 5th Germ cell tumour conference. 2001, Sept. 13–15; Leeds; UK. New York: Springer; 2001.


Theses and summaries of theses:


Сабгайда ТП. Паразитарная система P. vivax: информационно-математическое моделирование как основа анализа и управления ее функционированием: дис. … д-ра мед. наук. М.; 2002.


Подсвирова ОВ. Оптимизация методических и медико-организационных аспектов управления факторами, определяющими качество перинатальной профилактики: автореф. дис. … канд. мед. наук. Иваново; 2004.


Patent specifications:


Большаков МВ, Кулаков АВ, Лавренов АН, Палкин МВ. Способ ориентирования по крену летательного аппарата с оптической головкой самонаведения. Патент Российской Федерации, № 2280590; 2006.




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Examples of romanised references to literary sources (Russian) for the English part of an article


Journal articles:


Belushkina NN, Khomyakova TN, Khomyakov YuN. Diseases associated with dysregulation of programmed cell death. Molekulyarnaya meditsina 2012; 2: 3–10 (in Russian).


Starodubov VI, Tsybulskaya IS, Sukhanova LP. Maternal and child’s health protection as a priority problem of the present-day Russia. Sovremennyye meditsinskiye tekhnologii 2009; (2): 11–6 (in Russian).


Online journal articles:


Martynchik SA, Filatenkova SV. System of indicators for efficiency of out-patient polyclinic settings activity. Sotsial'nye aspekty zdorov'ya naseleniya [serial online]. 2009 [cited 2013 Feb 11]; 12 (4). Available from: http://vestnik.mednet.ru/content/view/161/30/lang,ru/ (in Russian).


Books (monographs, collections of works):


Kanevskaya RD. Mathematical modeling of hydrodynamic processes of hydrocarbon deposit development. Izhevsk; 2002 (in Russian).


From disaster to rebirth: the causes and consequences of the destruction of the Soviet Union. Moscow: HSE Publ; 1999 (in Russian).


Latyshev VN. Tribology of cutting. Vol. 1: Frictional processes in metal cutting. Ivanovo: Ivanovskiy Gos. Univ.; 2009 (in Russian).


Conference papers:


Usmanov TS, Gusmanov AA, Mullagalin IZ, Muhametshina RJu, Chervyakova AN, Sveshnikov AV. Features of the design of field development with the use of hydraulic fracturing. In: New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of the oil and gas impact:Proc. 6th Int. Symp. Moscow, 2007. P. 267–72 (in Russian).




APA Style [Internet]. 2011 [cited 2013 Feb 12]. Available from: http://www.apastyle.org/apa-style-help.aspx.


Theses and summaries of theses:


Sabgayda TP The parasitic system P. vivax: information and mathematical modeling as a basis of analysis and management of its functioning. Dr. Med. Sci. [dissertation]. Moscow; 2002 (in Russian).


Alekseyeva YeG. Social and health study of the balance between the doctor’s and pregnant woman’s roles in perinatal pathology prevention and ways for increasing its efficiency. Cand. Med. Sci. [thesis]. Moscow; 2011 (in Russian).


Borkowski MM. Infant sleep and feeding: a telephone survey of Hispanic Americans. PhD [dissertation]. Mount Pleasant (MI): Central Michigan University; 2002.


National State Standards:


State Standard 8.586.5–2005. Method of measurement. Measurement of flow rate and volume of liquids and gases by means of orifice devices. Moscow: Standartinform Publ., 2007 (in Russian).


Patent specifications:


Bol'shakov MV, Kulakov AV, Lavrenov AN, Palkin MV. The way to orient on the roll of aircraft with optical homing head. Patent RF, N 2280590; 2006 (in Russian).


The author should carefully check the bibliographic data for correctness. The number of references in the text of the article should correspond to that in the references section of the article.




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