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JOURNAL «SRP». Preparation of objects

Preparation of tables, graphs, mathematical formulae and equations, pictures and photographs

Tables are placed at the end of the article – each on a separate page. Tables should be numbered and named. The table number is placed to the left of its name. Tables should be created with the help of the Word option «create a table». There should be no indents in the table, nor should there be any contracted words. All the figures given in a table should correspond to the figures cited in the text of the article. There should be a reference to the table in the main body of the article. Column headings (if necessary) should state the units of measurement of the parameters given. There should be no empty boxes; if there is no data available, please, fill the boxes in with N/A (not available).


Tables should be compact, and should be given sequential numbers. Table columns and lines should be adjusted logically and graphically. The contents of tables (as well as of pictures) should be intelligible and should not duplicate the text of the article. Numerical data presented in tables should be statistically processed.


Graphs should be created in Microsoft Excel (each in a separate file) using numerical data.


Mathematical formulae and equations should be placed on a separate line of the text. They should be preceded and followed by at least one empty line. If an equation is long and does not fit into one line, it can be carried forward to the next line after the equal mark (=) or plus mark (+), minus mark (–), multiplication mark (×) division mark (:) or another mathematical mark, provided that the mark is repeated at the beginning of the new line. When carrying a formula forward at the multiplication mark, the following symbol should be used «×».


Numeric symbols and numerical factors should be explained immediately below the formula (equation) in the same order as they appear in the formula (equation). Formulas and equations are assigned with sequential numbers that run through the whole text of the article. The numbers should take the form of Arabic numerals in brackets and be placed at the right end of the line.

For example

Пример офомления формул (1)
Пример офомления формул (2)
Пример офомления формул (3)
Пример офомления формул (4)

A single formula (equation) is denoted as (1). In-text references to formula and equation numbers should be provided in Arabic numerals in brackets.


Pictures and photographs should be informative. They could be either colour or black-and-white. The number of symbols in the picture should be minimal; all explanations should be provided in the caption. On the back of the picture (photo) there should be the following information written in pencil: its number, the author’s family name, the article’s title, and indications of the upper and lower parts of the picture (photo). Picture (photo) captions should be printed on a separate page. First, there should be a general caption, then – an explanation of numerical and alphabetical symbols. Captions to a photomicrograph should state the scale of magnification and the staining method. Electronic versions of pictures should have a size of not less than 9×12 cm, resolution of 300 dots per inch, tif format, and CMYK color mode. It is necessary to submit a paper copy of the electronic picture. All the tables/pictures accompanying the text of the article should be referenced in the text.



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