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About the Journal

The peer-reviewed scientific and practical journal «BIOpreparations. Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment» has been published since January, 2001.

It was established as a scientific publication of the L.A. Tarasevich State Scientific Research Institute for Standardization and Control of Medical and Biological Products (the Scientific Centre of Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products is it’s legal successor). The journal’s scientific profile is composed of two branches of science: biology and medicine.

The journal publishes the results of studies focused on specific characteristics of human body immune protection from a range of pathogens; development of immunoprophylaxis, immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy fundamental principles; and strengthening of the scientific basis for elaboration of technologies to manufacture immunobiologicals.

We regularly touch upon challenges of immunity exploration (including infection immunity development mechanisms, and immunity mediators); difficulties of isolation, cultivation, identification and pathogenicity assessment of microorganisms; and complexity of diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment measures development. The journal also dwells upon the use of recombinant DNA technologies to derive new biological medicinal products.

We publish various materials on bioactive substances analysis and synthesis, their physiological effects in humans and possibilities to use the substances in medicine. Moreover, the materials center on the development of gene- and enzyme-based diagnostics and scientific principles of gene and enzyme therapy. Additionally, they cover a variety of studies on molecular mechanisms of immunity.

The highest priority for us is to discuss the studies on differentiation patterns of human cells and tissues, their physiological regeneration and regulation processes, as well as the results of biomedical cell products development, standardization, quality control and practical application.

Furthermore, we bring up current information on infectious and non-infectious diseases epidemiology; pharmacogenetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacotherapy studies; and the outcomes of biological products efficacy and safety monitoring.

The journal also presents study materials on development of laboratory methods for objective immunochemical, morphological and cytological analysis of biomaterials (i.e., fluids, tissues, cells) in the human body, which are aimed at differential diagnostics.

We publish the results of researches in the field of development, implementation and practical healthcare application of products and methods for serological, immunological, immunochemical, molecular and biological, and genetic identification of microorganisms, along with diagnostics of the diseases they cause.

Our journal also covers review papers on challenges that arise during registration of various immunobiologicals (biosimilars, orphan drugs, and medicinal products manufactured using genetic engineering techniques) and standardization of those.


Five-year RSCI impact factor (excluding self-citation): 0.404 (as of August 2017).

Scientometric database: Science Index.


Intended Audience

The journal is intended for experts of scientific establishments, manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities, and for lecturers and students of biological faculties and medical schools.


Main Headings

  • reviews;
  • topical articles;
  • full articles;
  • individual opinions;
  • historical archive;
  • experience exchange;
  • case studies;
  • Qs and As;
  • congresses, meetings, conferences;
  • news of the World Health Organization (WHO);
  • scientific advances;
  • news of the Ministry of Health of Russia


Information for authors

The journal was established in 2001.
Mass media registration certificate
ПИ № ФС77-53128 dated March 14, 2013.

International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2221-996Х



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