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JOURNAL «SCEEMP BULLETIN». Outline of an article

  • Universal decimal classification number (UDC) is cited in the upper left-hand corner;
  • title of the article;
  • author’s (authors’) family name(s) and initial(s);
  • full name of the organization where the paper was originated, stating the departmental subordination of the organization;
  • full postal address of the organization(s) (including the postal code, street, and building number; for universities – faculty or university name);
  • «Submitted:» (the date is to be filled in by the editorial staff), «Accepted for publication:» (the date is to be filled in by the editorial staff);
  • abstract (not more than 150-250 words; an abstract should be as informative as possible in order to give a clear idea of the article’s contents);
  • the list of key words should include 5-10 words or word combinations used in the article. The key words are given in the nominative case and be separated by a semicolon;
  • main text (the editorial staff recommends that authors standardise the structure of the text by presenting it in the following order: «INTRODUCTION», which ends up by the statement of the paper’s aim and objectives; «MATERIALS AND METHODS»; «RESULTS AND THEIR DISCUSSION»; «CONCLUSIONS»).
  • pictures (on separate pages);
  • tables (on separate pages);
  • references (on separate pages).

Article names should be meaningful and free of non-conventional abbreviations. A title should not start with a non-definitive wording that does not convey any information on the essence of the study, e.g. «some issues of», «a study of», and «a research on».


Authors’ family names should also be provided in English. It is recommended to transliterate the names in the same way as in previous publications or use the system of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), see http://www.translit.net.


Information about authors’ affiliation should also be given in English (e.g. names of organizations contributing an article, and authors’ addresses).

For instance:
Kuban State University, 149 Stavropolskaya Street, Krasnodar, 350040, Russian Federation;
It is permissible not to state street names, but it is obligatory to state postal codes:
Zakusov State Institute of Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, 125315, Russian Federation.


It is important that authors indicate only one place of employment, as information about the place of work is one of the key characteristic features that are used by search engines for authors’ identification. It is also critical to indicate the official English name of the organization (reflected in its Charter). The indication of the official full name of the organization in English (without abbreviations) allows correct identification of authors by search engines and prevents disappearance of articles from the databases of international citation indexing services.


At the end of the paper, it is necessary to indicate the authors full names, positions in the organization submitting the article and academic degrees and ranks, both in Russian and in English.


Contracted and abbreviated words can be used in the main body of the text if they are accompanied by the full form when first used. Family names of foreign authors should be cited using original spelling. It is not allowed to use contracted forms of ordinary words even if they are frequently encountered. Doses of medicinal products, units of measurement and other numeric values should be given according to the International System of Units.


An article could be accompanied by a glossary (of unclear terms that can cause difficulties for the reader); the glossary is placed at the end of the article and before references.



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